Living Your Purpose

The only thing constant is change. During the pandemic, many of us have lost the opportunity to work within our purpose. The good news is that with some thoughtful examination, you can continue to live within your values and either redefine or hold steady with your purpose.

Compassionate Care in Crisis: Living Your Purpose

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Compassionate Care in Crisis: Tips for caring for others & ourselves during COVID-19.

For most people, COVID-19 will be associated with increased uncertainty and stress. When we are under acute stress we are more likely to be operating from the survival areas of our brain, which means that our thinking becomes much more black and white, our attention is more narrowly focused on the immediate here and now, we start to have difficulty planning or thinking ahead, we have difficulty regulating our emotions, and we become less able to make decisions. Stressful times are associated with threats to our safety and a loss of power and control. A trauma informed approach can help reduce or prevent a trauma response.

Learn more about the Trauma Informed Roadmap and other local projects on our Trauma Informed Care website.


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