Compassionate Care: Supporting Healing in the Workplace

People can cope with challenging experiences and continue to meaningfully contribute to the workplace, if there is an intentional culture that supports healing.  This does not mean that leaders must be healers.  Leaders can, however, create an environment that encourages and supports employees as they work on their own health and well-being:

  • Cultivate healing environments by seeing the humanity in others.  Recognize that those with whom you work cannot always leave all emotions at the door.  Everyone has bad days.
  • Be clear that you support your employees as they pursue healing.  This can look like having policies and benefits in place that make it easy to take mental health days, seek outside professional help, and practice self-care.
  • Ask questions.  How can you work together to meet the needs of the job and support people as they heal?  Recognize that many people are still processing what happened
    this past year.  What has changed within them?  How can you support those changes?

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