Compassionate Care: In-Person Interactions

Have you experienced extra positive energy when interacting in-person with someone?  That’s a major benefit of face-to-face time together.  We are in a transition process—entering into our next normal—and with self-care and self-acceptance your in-person interactions will begin to feel normal again.

Things to Consider:

  • Notice when you need a positive emotional boost from face-to-face interactions and be diligent in creating those in-person times to connect.
  • Reflect on new relationships you may have formed.  Find a way to carry them out of the pandemic with you.
  • Now is the time to evaluate your ability to keep the same schedule.  When you add in-person meetings to your calendar, you will need commute time.  Start prioritizing now.
  • What are the parts of the pandemic work situation that suited you well?  How can those elements continue into your next work situation?

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