Compassionate Care: In-Person Interactions (the Other Perspective)

Last week we shared a perspective on those who are feeling positive about reengaging people face-to-face.  What if you are not feeling the positive boost of energy and instead are feeling rushed into the next normal?  How do you find balance between your needs and the outside pressures to be in-person?

Things to Consider:

  • Spend time looking at your calendar and obligations.  Are there ways to still engage virtually or find a comfortable compromise?  Is there anything you can decline to reserve your energy?
  • You may feel tired and irritable because you are adjusting to a different way of managing your relationships.  Now is the time to actively engage in self-care to meet your needs.
  • Many people found empowerment in working remotely; you might be experiencing grief if your situation is changing again.  It’s important to acknowledge and process your feelings.
  • The pandemic forced us to be creative and adapt.  Some of those adaptations might be possible to carry forward into the next normal.  Consider meeting with decision-makers to create a plan that works best for both of you.


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