Compassionate Care: Why Rest is Critical

Tips for Caring for Others & Ourselves

We are in the midst of a marathon that many of us have ben trying to sprint through. Summer is the perfect time to pause and take a break. These breaks are necessary for mental health/wellness. We want to do more than survive, we want to thrive. Rest is necessary for being well and doing good work.

Have you considered:

  • Recognizing your own symptoms of fatigue (stress, reactive, short with others, inability to plan effectively). Ask yourself if how you are now is how you want to show up in the world.
  • Being mindful to not judge your own or others’ capacity. Everyone experiences fatigue in their own way.
  • Communicating your need for a break is professional, respectful, and gives others an opportunity to do the same.
  • Having supportive and honest conversations about encouraging rest. Model respectful rest-honoring scheduling and behavior.

Remember: “Rest is not the enemy of change. It is one part of its fuel.” – Cassandra Corrado

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