Compassionate Care: Growth

Spring in the Midwest is a time of reawakening nature. The process can have stats and stops: a wintry mix of weather might surprise us in the springtime, but the season unfailingly ends in new growth emerging. Humans can go through similar stages. Setbacks in our personal growth will pass. If you are purposeful, your efforts will blossom. Things to consider:

  • Growth requires energy. We are emerging out of a long period of stress and many of us are feeling tired. You know yourself best – what kind of break or rest do you need right now to refresh yourself to meet the next challenge?
  • Prepare yourself for the journey. Growth leads to joy and fulfillment, but also has a flip side: it can cause increased awareness of challenges, short-comings, and aspects of our lives that are lacking. Embrace the whole process and offer yourself forgiveness when there are setbacks and room to make mistakes.
  • Celebrate successes along the way. Growth is a gradual and ongoing process. Be proud of what you have accomplished. A small step in the right direction is progress.

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Compassionate Care - Growth flyer

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