Compassionate Care: Transitioning with Care

Trauma-informed care remains critical as we move towards the next normal. The last year was difficult – many people experienced trauma. The consistent unknown that still plagues us can create more stress. Implementing trauma-informed care principles takes time and stewardship; and the results are worth the effort. By engaging in this work, you will provide a safe and nurturing environment for people to experience both safety and support. Things to consider:

  • What lessons have you or your organization learned this year that you want to take forward into the next normal? Many changes were positive for some people, but not others; where can you compromise to meet different needs without sacrificing core values?
  • How have you changed? How have those around you (employees, friends, colleagues, family, etc.) changed? How do those changes influence the environment you need to create so you and others can thrive?
  • What does trauma-informed care mean to you and your organization? How can you commit to keeping trauma-informed principles and practices in mind as you create your future?

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Compassionate Care - Transitioning with Care flyer

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