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Leadership of the county 4-H Youth Development Program is provided by 4-H Youth Development staff. Adult volunteers are authorized by 4-H Youth Development staff to be the administrative leaders for Community Clubs, the Leaders’ Association, and county-wide committees.  These recognized 4-H groups provide 4-H educational opportunities in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This page provides the resources for these groups to conduct their business according to state/federal procedures.


Moolah Reports

Clubs/groups are responsible for keeping detailed financial records including a system for tracking income, expenses, reimbursements, etc. (all money that goes in and out of a group’s treasury). To assist with this, Winnebago County Leaders’ Association created “Moolah Reports” to manage and track financial requests from their membership.

Leaders’ Association
The Moolah Reports (below) are used to access funds for committees/groups who operate under the Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association Charter. The UW-Extension office assists the Leaders’ Association treasurer as the sole point of collection for Moolah Reports. The treasurer processes these reports on a bi-monthly basis.

EXPENSES-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (word doc)
 EXPENSES-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (pdf)
– INCOME-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (word)
INCOME-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (pdf)

Horse & Pony Project
The Moolah Report (below) is used solely for Horse & Pony Project funds and are not collected by the UW-Extension office. Please contact the Horse & Pony Project treasurer for additional information.

Horse & Pony Project Moolah Report Updated 2018 (pdf)
– Horse & Pony Project Moolah Report Updated 2018 (word doc)

Community Clubs
The form below is an optional tool for Community Club treasurers to manage reimbursement requests from their membership.

Reimbursement/Payment Form– (word)


4HOnline Resources for Leaders:

Charter Information 

4-H Charter and Annual Renewal Process: 

Completing the 4-H Club/Group Annual Financial Report:

Short video to help with completing your club’s charter: 

SMART Goal Template

4-H Club Officer Resources


Your Role as Secretary– (Word, 2 pages)
Record Cover– (Word, 4 pages)
Roll Call Sheet– (Word, 2 pages)
Club Meeting Minutes Template– (Word, 2 pages)


Treasurer Cover– ( Word, 4 pages)
Record of Club Finances– (Word, 2 pages)
Monthly Treasurer Report Form– (Word, 1 page)
Checkbook Balancing Form– (Excel, 1 page)
Reimbursement/Payment Form– (Word, 1 page)

4-H Committee Template

Food Service Permit

INSTRUCTIONS: When filling out the food permit, save a copy to your desktop, than fill out your information and save again. Email that file you saved on your computer to the email address listed on the PDF.

Money Available for Clubs

Mutual of Wausau Insurance – 4-H Club Grant

The purpose of the Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation 4-H Club Grant Program is to support 4-H Clubs in youth development and to promote civic and leadership responsibilities. Grants will be awarded in the amount of $400 per club. In order to be considered for a grant, your application must be received at the Mutual of Wausau home office by April 1, 2019. Click on the link below for a grant application.


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