Agriculture Newsletter and Crop Updates

The Winnebago County Agriculture Activities & Advice Newsletter is posted six times per year.  This newsletter serves as the communication link between the Winnebago County agriculture community and government agencies in support of agricultural progress including UW-Extension, Winnebago County Land and Water Conservation, USDA Farm Service Agency, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.  It contains details of upcoming education events, filing deadlines, research summaries, and seasonal hot topics.

The Winnebago County Crop Condition Updates are released weekly to monthly during the growing season, depending on the time of year.  This update contains USDA crop progress and weather information, Department of Agriculture pest updates, local observations, research findings, and UW State Specialist contributions.

2013 Current Crop Condition Updates
Winnebago County Crops Update September 25 2013
Winnebago County Crops Update September 18 2013

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