Meat Animal Board

The Winnebago County Meat Animal Board (MAB) manages the Meat Animal Sale held during the Winnebago County Fair. Youth exhibitors from any youth organization (4-H, FFA, etc) may participate in the Meat Animal Sale.

The objectives of the Winnebago County Meat Animal Board (MAB) are:

  1. To provide an educational experience that teaches youth about the selection and care of quality livestock.
  2. To create a fun environment where youth will gain a sense of responsibility and confidence while raising livestock.
  3. To empower youth to experience the economic conditions of agriculture by working to earn a profit from the livestock they raise.

Important Information for Exhibitors (from your Winnebago MAB)

Helpful Resources for Exhibitors


Saturday, August 3rd @ the Winnebago County Fair
Sunnyview Exposition Center  •  500 E County Road Y, Oshkosh
Buyer Registration 8:30 am  •  Sale Begins 9:30 am

Buyers are invited to join us at the Buyer’s Lunch immediately following the sale (at approximately noon).

MAB Contact Information

2018-2019 Meat Animal Board Members  (Click here for a PDF of Contact Info)

  President Dan Carpenter (920) 379-3713
  Vice President TJ Beck (920) 379-7594
  Business Secretary Kelly Lloyd (920) 312-1234
  Correspondence Secretary Tana Lyons (608) 205-7599
  Treasurer Jody Buttke (920) 410-3018
  Sale Clerk
  Beef Jeff Gibson (920) 410-3018
  Beef Jake Dodd (920) 379-0648
  Sheep Terry Beck (920) 379-8645
  Sheep Reese Jensen (920) 850-2245
  Swine Becky Duchastchek (920) 410-1626
  Swine Angela Folske (920) 420-4356

2018-2019 Junior Meat Animal Board Members

  Caroline Magnuson (920) 410-4078
  Colby Gibson (920) 666-9642
  Kaden Besaw (920) 379-0650
  Nick Potratz (920) 312-4234
  Nathan Zentner (920) 509-0916


Youth Livestock Info from UW-Madison Division of Extension:

YQCA Training is required for state shows.

4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl & Skillathon Contest 

4-H Meats Judging Contest

Swine Project – Financial Support


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