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Tight Margins for Crop Production Resources:

Crop Input Resources for Low Margins
During these times of lower profitability each management decision is also a financial opportunity that can help a farm achieve a profitability. The following University resources are designed to help you approach each crop production and marketing decision as an opportunity to be more efficient and with a financially beneficial mind set.

Crop Production Management

Videos include:

  1. Crop Budgets and Market Plans in Low-margin Years
  2. Corn: Survive and Thrive on Low Price Projections
  3. Soybean Inputs that Deliver Highest ROI in a Low-Margin Year
  4. Fundamental Soil Fertility Strategies for Success, in Corn, Soybeans, and Small Grains
  5. Disease Management in Low Margin Years – Field Crops
  6. Managing Insects Economically Using Conventional Hybrids and Thresholds
  7. Practical Weed Management for Low Margin Years
  8. Tillage Considerations to Reduce Operational Costs
  9. Precision Ag Technology in Low-Margin Years

Grain Management Considerations for Low-Margin Years

Economic Risk and Profitability of Seeding Rates for Field Crops
Optimal seeding rates for yield goals can help lower seeding cost and improve profits

Soybean Seeding Rate Recommendations

Corn Seeding Rate Recommendations

Forage Seeding Rate Recommendations

Planting Equipment Calibration Resources

Properly calibrated planting equipment both ensures uniform seeding across all rows and ensures accurate seeding rates saving money by not using excess seed.

Grain Drill Calibration


Resources complied by Division of Extension UW-Madison Agriculture Agents: Nick Baker, Rock County, Mike Ballweg, Sheboygan County, Kevin Jarek, Outagamie County, Steve Okonek, Trempealeau County, and John Thompson, Winnebago County

Cover Crop Resources:

The University of Wisconsin’s Nutrient and Pest Management (NPM) Program works with a wide range of partners to promote agricultural practices for protecting water quality while maintaining or improving farm profitability. The NPM Program serves Wisconsin farmers and the agricultural professionals who assist them. The program links farmers and researchers allowing for the exchange of knowledge on the profitability, practicality and environmental impact of crop production practices and cropping systems.

The NPM program is home to numerous cover crop publications and videos detailing how to establish, terminate, utilize for forage, and manage cover crops.

Cover Crops Webpage- NEW

This webpage complies cover crop publications from the NPM program. These publications provide information on frost seeding red clover, using winter rye for forage, interseeding cover crops, rotational herbicide restrictions, termination, and general cover crop management.

Cover Crop Webpage:

YouTube Channel

The program has over 70 videos with over 1.5 million views detailing information on general agronomic management topics, including nutrient and pest management, cover crops, soil conservation, and forage management.

YouTube Channel:

Over the past year, collaborate efforts between multiple organizations have developed two new resources listed below. Collaborators include Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, UW-Madison Nutrient and Pest Management Program, UW-Madison Integrated Pest Management Program, Wisconsin Conservation Cropping Systems Coalition, Arlington Agricultural Research Station, University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension.

Cover Crops 101 Publication

This publication provides recommendations on selecting species, establishment timing, termination, and overall benefits to incorporating cover crop into a cropping system- The publication is available here (free pdf):

Cover Crops following Corn Silage Video Series

This series of short and to the point videos takes you into the field with several Wisconsin agricultural specialists to learn about establishing and using a rye or similar cover crop following corn silage harvest.

The videos include:

  1. Planting Cover Crops Early by Interseeding
  2. No-till Drill Establishment of Cover Crops
  3. The Soil Health Benefits of Cover Crops Planted in a Corn Silage system
  4. Fall Cover Crop Growth, Above and Below the Surface
  5. Manure Management on Fall Cover Crop Fields
  6. Spring Growth & Soil Benefits of Cover Crops
  7. Comparing the Soil between Rye Cover and No Cover Fields
  8. Spring Termination Options and Weed Management Benefits
  9. Planting No-Till Corn into Living Rye Cover Crops, Planting Green

Nutrient and Pest Management

In addition to the numerous resources listed above, the program collaborates to develop resources on nutrient and pest management topics and is home to the Wisconsin Crop Manager newsletter. The program also maintains the farmer nutrient management curriculum. This material provides basic training on nutrient management for farmers interested in writing their own nutrient management plan.

For more information contact your regional NPM specialist:

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