Nutrition Education

The FoodWIse program in Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca, and Winnebago Counties

FoodWIse is a federally funded grant program that collaborates with community, state, and federal organizations in the design and implementation of nutrition education programs for low-income and FoodShare eligible populations. This program provides outreach in the 4-county area to include Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca, and Winnebago counties. More specifically, the program provides education on:

  • Research based programs on nutrition and physical activity in accordance with the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Managing food resources, thrifty shopping practices, managing food dollars, all to help families become more food secure
  • Food safety education related to safe food handling, preparation, and storage
  • Programs are available for all age groups

MISSION:To provide practical, reliable foods and nutrition information for FoodShare recipients and their families.

For more information read our FoodWIse Brochure or check out the FoodWIse website.

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If you have any questions regarding FoodWIse in Winnebago County, please contact:

Christi Gabrilska
Wisconsin Nutrition Education Coordinator

Phone: 715-258-6497
Serves Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca & Winnebago
Kris Soper
Nutrition Educator
Winnebago County Extension
625 E. County Road Y, Suite 600
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Phone: 920-232-1973; 920-727-8643
Fax: 920-232-1967
Serves Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca & Winnebago
Hannah Phillips
Healthy Communities Coordinator
Serves Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca & Winnebago
Miranda Dawson
Nutrition Educator
Serves Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca & Winnebago





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