4-H Dipper FAQ

Are you and your club members working at the Dipper this year and have questions? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we split our club’s shift into 2 time slots?
Time slots are all 2 hours so everyone who volunteers for that shift must work all 2 hours. This allows youth to gain a certain level of skill at customer service and consistent food preparation. Even though customers know they are supporting a youth organization, they still expect a certain level of speed and consistency from their Dipper experience. Rotating “workers” too frequently can negatively impact the customer’s experience.

How many people do we need for each shift?

Breakfast: 10 people

    • 5 adults/older youth (8th grade and up)
    • 5 younger youth (3rd-8th grade)

Lunch/Dinner: 14 people

    • 8 adults/older youth (8th grade and up)
    • 6 younger youth (3rd grade-8th grade)
  • Cloverbuds (K-2nd grade) are welcome to be “helpers” in the Dipper, but should be counted in addition to the numbers above and paired with another youth/adult.
  • We recommend that every shift have a minimum of 2 adults present to allow for Youth/Adult partnership in running the Dipper (and provide safety).
  • As with all 4-H activities, consider the age and development level or the youth in your specific club…you may need more or less people that what is recommended.

What can I wear in the Dipper?
Remember, we are serving food to the public…think about how a cook or server in a restaurant might look when handling food.

  • Promote your club–wear 4-H clothing if you have it!
  • Please be CLEAN! For example, those of you working with animals should not wear “barn duty clothes” to serve food at the Dipper
  • T-shirts preferred, avoid tank tops
  • Clothes in good repair, avoid rips, hole and stains
  • Closed toe shoes, avoid sandals and dirt/manure
  • Hat/ hair nets are required when serving food–you may bring your own hat. 

We follow Winnebago County Health Department Food Regulations at the Dipper: https://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/health/units/environmental-health/food-safety-recreational-licensing/special/temporary-events

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