WeCOPE logo: 6 gears each containing one of the of the following
1) Emotional Awareness
2) Gratitude, Noticing, Savoring
3) Mindfulness
4) Positive Reappraisal
5) Self-Compassion, Acts of Kindness
6) Strengths Goals

In WeCOPE, COPE stands for Connecting with Our Positive Emotions

Program Overview

WeCOPE (Connecting With Our Positive Emotions) is a 6-week research-based program that helps adults cope with stressors. Based on the work of Dr. Judith Moskowitz, the program has been shown to reduce stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve health behaviors among adults.

Sessions meet once a week for one hour. The six sessions teach skills such as mindfulness, savoring, positive reappraisal, gratitude, and goal setting, among others. Sessions may be virtual or in-person depending on audience needs.

WeCOPE Program Overview and Objectives
Learn more about Dr. Judith Moskowitz

Contact Katie Jaegly, Health and Well-Being Educator, to schedule a training series with your staff, organization, or volunteer group: 

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