Traditional Record Book Forms

Record Book Tips

  • Record Books (especially goal setting) should be started in the fall once you’ve enrolled in your projects for the year. The record book helps you set goals for the upcoming year and track your progress.
  • Record Books should be completed after the completion of your projects for the year…typically in August. Record Books are due in September – contact your club leader for the specific due date for your club.
  • 2020 NEW! We have come up with a simplified record book page that is very basic, yet will allow for some reflection of your 4-H year. We encourage ALL members, to at minimum, complete a 4-H EZ Record Form. 
    • 4-H EZ Record Form(This is a FILLABLE PDF. See information below for how to use this type of form).
    • NOTE: EZ Record Forms are not eligible for the Outstanding Record Book Competition.
  • Interested in doing a digital or video record book instead of the traditional paper record book? See the record book home page for guidelines. You may want to use the traditional forms below to help organize your content for a digital or video record book. Check out the 2019 Merit Award Winners for examples of a Digital Record Book.
  • Outstanding Record Book Competition

Traditional Record Book Forms:

Fillable PDF Forms WARNING: If you have not used a fillable PDF before, please test how it works for saving and printing. Fillable PDF’s do not work the same as Word documents do.  PDF’s typically need to be downloaded to your own computer (and re-opened from there) BEFORE filling them out. Please do a test before you start so that you do not lose all of your information. There are a couple ways to work with PDF’s based on your browser/computer…here are some tips on how to save PDF Forms to get you started.

Cover & Main Pages

The documents below include front and back cover, as well as the “main pages” that include table of contents, goals, 4-H story, and comments pages. (Please note that there are blank pages in these documents to allow for printing pages back-to-back).

Record Book Covers Front and Back PDF
(Record Book covers printed on green card stock are available from the Extension Office upon request)

Record Book Main Pages PDF

Record Book Main Pages Word Doc

Project Pages

Find your project forms below for your 4-H Record Book.

  • It is not necessary to fill out a project page for each of your projects. We suggest picking your top 5 projects to focus on when completing your record book.
    • 4-H is more than just PROJECTS! Consider filling out an Educational Travel Record for trips/travel you did (Interstate Exchange, Washington Focus, American Spirit, etc)
    • Are you a Club Officer? Were you a Camp Counselor? Did you lead a Project Meeting? Consider filling out a Youth Leadership Record to document these experiences.
    • If you did not find your project/4-H experience listed here, please use the “Self-Determined” record page (for as many projects as needed).
  • Choose your file(s) and DOWNLOAD to your computer before you start filling them out (see instructions above).  Please contact our office if you see an issue with the forms.

Adventures Word Doc                     Adventures PDF

Aerospace Word Doc                       Aerospace PDF

Arts & Crafts Word Doc                  Arts-Crafts PDF

    Beef – See “Meat Animals”

Cat Word Doc                                   Cat PDF

Child Development Word Doc        Child-Development PDF

    Citizenship Word Doc                      Citizenship PDF

Clothing Word Doc                          Clothing PDF

Communications Word Doc           Communications PDF

Computer Word Doc                       Computer PDF

Consumer Savvy Word Doc          Consumer-Savvy PDF

Crops Word Doc                              Crops PDF

Dairy Word Doc                               Dairy PDF

    Dairy Managerial Project Agreement (word)  Dairy Managerial Project Agreement (PDF)

    Dance Word Doc                             Dance PDF

Dog Word Doc                                 Dog PDF

Educational Travel Record (PDF – not fillable)

Electricity Word Doc                       Electricity PDF

Entrepreneurship Word Doc          Entrepreneurship PDF

Entomology Word Doc

Exotic Animals Word Doc               Exotic Animals PDF

Exploring Word Doc                        Exploring PDF

Flowers Word Doc                           Flowers PDF

Food & Nutrition- Food Preservation Word Doc      Food-Nutrition-Food-Preservation PDF

    Fruits Word Doc                                    Fruits PDF

Geospatial Word Doc                            Geospatial PDF

Goat Word Doc                                        Goat PDF

Health Word Doc                                     Health PDF

Home Environment Word Doc               Home-Environment PDF

Horse-Pony Word Doc                           Horse-Pony PDF

Horseless Horse Word Doc                  Horseless-Horse PDF

House Plants Word Doc                        House-Plants PDF

    Intergenerational Programs Word Doc  Intergenerational Programs PDF

    International Programs Word Doc          International Programs PDF

Knitting-Crocheting Word Doc             Knitting-Crocheting PDF

    Meat Animals – Please pick the records that will be most helpful for your project level

    Mechanical Sciences Word Doc            Mechanical Sciences PDF

Model Horse Word Doc                          Model-Horse PDF

Music Word Doc                                      Music PDF

    National Resources Word Doc               National Resources PDF

Other Domestic Animal Word Doc

Personal Finance Word Doc                  Personal-Finance PDF

Pet Word Doc                                           Pet PDF

Photography Word Doc                         Photography PDF

Plant Craft Word Doc                             Plant-Craft PDF

Poultry Word Doc                                   Poultry PDF

Rabbit Word Doc                                    Rabbit PDF

Robotics Word Doc                               Robotics PDF

Scale Model Word Doc                         Scale-Model PDF

Science-Discovery Word Doc              Science Discovery Fillable PDF

Self-Determined Word Doc                  Self-Determined PDF

    Service Learning Word Doc                 Service Learning PDF

              Sheep – See “Meat Animals”

Shooting Sports Word Doc               Shooting Sports PDF

Small Engines Word Doc                   Small-Engines PDF

    Small Animals/Pets Word Doc          Small Animals/Pets PDF

    Stem Word Doc                                  Stem PDF

             Swine – See “Meat Animals”

Theatre Arts Word Doc                      Theatre-Arts PDF

Tractor Word Doc                               Tractor PDF

    Vegetables Word Doc                         Vegetables PDF

Veterinary Science Word Doc           Veterinary-Science PDF

    Visual Arts Word Doc                         Visual Arts PDF

Woodworking Word Doc                    Woodworking PDF

Workforce Readiness Word Doc         Workforce-Readiness PDF

Youth Leadership Word Doc                Youth-Leadership PDF