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4-H Announcements 11/29

4-H COUNTY-WIDE JOINT POULTRY & RABBIT PROJECT MEETING December 1ST at 7PM at JPCC.  All 4-H Poultry and Rabbit Project youth and leaders are encouraged to attend!  We will be discussing: Educational Needs Project Readiness for Shows and Fair Youth Leadership and Committee Opportunities Register at: https://forms.office.com/r/Y3FdV6UKiJ 4-H COUNTY-WIDE FOODS PROJECT ZOOM:  NOTE DATE CHANGE! There will […]


Supporting Families and Children Processing Scary and Violent Events

In the wake of the Waukesha, WI parade tragedy, there are numerous resources for supporting families and children as they process scary and violent events: Young Children Talking to Children About Scary events (English and Spanish) as part of our Parenting the Preschooler series. Death and Grief in Parenting the Preschooler may also be appropriate. Elementary Our Raising […]

Photo of onions, spinach, and pickled beets involved in recalls

Check Your Pantries: Updated Recalls for Spinach, Onions, and Pickled Beets

Nearly 900 people sick linked to baby spinach/onions As we make shopping lists for holiday meal preparation, it’s a good time to check your pantry or refrigerator for recalled food items that are currently linked to nearly 900 illnesses.  Certain brands of prepackaged baby spinach and fresh onions are currently under national recall. The Centers for Disease Control […]


Safe Handling Practices for Wild Game Meat

As we head into the gun-deer season,  it is a good time to remember safe handling practices for wild game meat.  Families across Wisconsin depend on game meat to supplement their food budget, and safe animal and food-handling practices can help ensure that harvested meat is safe and high quality. Venison is a nutritious game […]

Triple P Parenting Discussion Groups Flyer

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Discussion Groups Available!

These Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Discussion Groups provide parents of youth ages 12+ with a toolbox of strategies to deal with the most common parenting issues we all face.  Build a better relationship with your teenager and reduce conflict with some practical positive parenting tools. Each discussion group can be taken as a stand-alone […]


Holiday Pies

Pies are an all–time favorite dessert and a feature of our winter holiday celebrations.  Cooking and storing pies safely is important because bacteria that cause foodborne illness can grow in certain pies kept at room temperature, especially when the ingredients include milk, other dairy products, and eggs.  Food Safety for Pies Containing Dairy Ingredients or Eggs If a […]


4-H Announcements 11/5/2021

Here are this week’s updates: THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 4-H NEWSLETTER IS OUT! View it online:  https://winnebago.extension.wisc.edu/4h/newsletters/ Paper copies were mailed out as well. RE-ENROLLMENT DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 20TH Re-Enroll NOW!  Newsletters and email updates will only go out to those enrolled by Nov 20th!   Please refer to the Sept/Oct newsletter for more info.   Instructions on how to re-enroll in 4HOnlne: 2.0:  https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/files/2020/09/4HOnline.v2.Family.Enrollment.Guide_.pdf […]


Food Safety for ‘Planned Overs’

Have you heard the saying that a meal can be better when it’s reheated and served the next day?  As long as we follow a few food safety steps, those ‘planned overs’ will be both healthy and delicious. Cook Food Safely.  The first step in having safe ‘planned overs’ is cooking the food safely.  If […]


Rare Infection Linked to Room Spray

Water and soil are the usual transmission sources when rare Burkholderia pseudomallei infections occur.  But Food Safety News reports that the source of four recent associated Burkholderia pseudomallei infections, also known as melioidosis, was Gardens-branded Essential Oil infused Aromatherapy Room Spray with Gemstones  “Lavender & Chamomile” scent manufactured in India and sold at Walmart. The killer room spray has […]