4-H Leaders’ Association

The Leaders’ Association helps to plan, implement and fundraise for 4-H programming at the County Level. All 4-H Leaders (youth and adult) who are enrolled in 4HOnline are voting members of the Association – they help to make decisions about 4-H at the county level including programming, policy, and growth of the program. All 4-H members, families and leaders are welcome to attend Association meetings to get information and provide input.

The Leaders’ Association elects a Board that meets monthly, this board reports to the entire Association at meetings held 3 times/year (January, April & August). At these All-County meetings, the Leaders’ Board (along with the Extension office) will update all leaders on the work they’ve been doing on behalf of the Association and provide education, training and resources to support leaders in their efforts. The Association will vote on any major changes to the program, give input on new topics of discussion, and share concerns on behalf of the membership.

Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors oversee the business of the 4-H Leaders’ Association. Adult Directors (min of 10, max of 12) serve a 3 year term—they can be re-elected for a 2nd term but then must leave the board for at least 1 year. Youth Directors (min of 2, max of 4) serve a one year term. Elections for open Director positions are held annually; all Association members are eligible to vote. Officers of the board are elected annually by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer of the Association is a volunteer who is not elected and not a voting member of the board. The treasurer manages the finances of the Association; the Finance Committee manages the Association’s budget (making recommendations on spending and fundraising to the Association).

2020-2021 Board of Directors Election

We have seven (7) openings on the Board of Directors. Adults elected to the board will serve 3 year terms. Youth elected to the board will serve 1 year terms. We require a minimum of 2 youth on the board and can have a maximum of 4 youth on the board. All current 4-H adult and youth leaders are members of the Association and are eligible to run for a position on the board. Board members must remain an active 4-H Leader throughout their term on the board.

You may vote in this election if you are one of the following:

  • 4-H adult affiliated, organization, project or activity leaders
  • County 4-H key leaders
  • 4-H youth leaders in a project or activity
  • Youth enrolled in the Youth Leadership project

Nominations for Board candidates closed on September 8, 2020. The election will be ONLINE this year – the link to the online ballot was emailed on 9/22/2020 to all leaders who are eligible to vote. If you need the email re-sent or would like to request a paper/mail-in ballot instead, please contact Jody at jody.bezio@wisc.edu or 920-232-1974. Read our candidates biographies below.


Adult Candidate Biographies

Please vote for at least 3 adult members for the board but no more than 5. Your ballot should not exceed voting for more than 7 candidates.

Jennifer Crowley, Plain V-U 4-H Club

Hi my name is Jennifer Crowley and I live in Omro with my husband Pat and two boys Hunter and Bryce.  I have been involved with 4-H in Winnebago County for 14 years and I have also been involved in 4-H growing up in Trempealeau County.  I am currently a co-leader for the Plain V-U 4-H club, I am also currently on the Leaders Board, Assistant Dairy Superintendent at the fair, and also have been involved in many different 4-H related projects areas throughout the year.  I have served on the Leaders Board for the past three years and would like to continue to serve on the board.

Kay Lettau, Winchester 4-H Club

I truly believe that 4-H is simply the greatest youth development program there is. 4-H can give our youth the greatest experiences of their lives. To me 4-H means: family, learning, doing, challenges, opportunities, growing, and fun!

This year I would like to once again be on the 4-H Board of Directors. I want to stay involved in that aspect of 4-H which has always played such a vital role in the program. Even with the special challenges this year with COVID, I am really excited to see the drive, creativity, and sincere desire to make the 4-H program meet everyone’s needs the best we can.

4-H has given me a lifetime of involvement opportunities. As a youth, I participated in 4-H for nine years and graduated with a Key Award. Our family was steeped in 4-H when our two sons were active members. They too graduated from the 4-H program. Now our grandchildren are actively experiencing the world of 4-H.

Currently I am on the Banquet, Basket Raffle, Winnebago County 4-H Educational Endowment, Breakfast at the Fair, and Fall Roller Skating Party committees, and the Scrip Coordinator. I am also a member of the Winnebago County Board of Directors, a County Fair clerk, an Open Class exhibitor, and a WI 4-H Hall of Fame laureate,

Throughout the years I have been an Organizational Leader, Dog Project Leader, County Camp Adult Volunteer, on the State Adult Leader Council, on the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Board, a Volunteer Coordinator for the Governor’s Meat Products Auction at the State Fair, a Co-chair of the North Central Regional Forum when Wisconsin hosted the event in 2007, and one of four Co-chairs of The History of 4-H in Winnebago County event for the Winchester Historical Society, and much more.

I taught Science at Menasha High School for 32 years. Since retirement, I have remained very active in 4-H and am a Town of Clayton Supervisor. My husband and I also keep very busy with our garden, yard, farm, and family.

Steve Eichman – Key Leader

I would like to serve on the 4-H Leaders Association Board of Directors again so I can be involved in the decisions that will guide our 4-H programs into the future. I have been a 4-H leader for 24 years and currently serve as a Key Leader. In that time I have served as a member of the 4-H Leaders Association Board of Directors for 21 years, an Algoma Achievers’ club leader for 14 years and a 4-H Dog Project key leader for 17 years.

I enjoy working as a coordinator and helper for breakfast at the fair and have been involved with it since its beginning. I have also been a volunteer at 4-H camp and have helped on many committees. During the county fair I am the superintendent of the Dog Obedience department and have been an assistant superintendent of the Exploring department and still help in that department. Working with the youth allows me the chance to see them develop self confidence and leadership skills and grow into young adults.

Youth Candidate Biographies

Please vote for at least 2 youth members for the board but no more than 4. Your ballot should not exceed voting for more than 7 candidates.

Hailey Domke, 4-H Friends 4-H Club

My name is Hailey Domke. I am part of the 4-H Friends 4-H club for the past 8 years. I would like to be on the Leaders Board because I want to be more involved in the workings of 4H. I am an Ambassador and YAC (Youth Advisory Committee) member and I am the secretary of my club. I also participate in the Dairy Quiz Bowl and Dairy Judging teams for our County.

Madison Plungy, Ridgeway 4-H Club

Hello my name is Madison Plungy, I am a sophomore at Neenah High School and am an Ambassador. I have also been a camp counselor and a cloverbud camp counselor. I believe that I should be considered for a youth position because I am reliable, trustworthy, and responsible. I also feel that I would be able to bring up some good points and new information to the meetings. Thank you for listening to what I have had to say. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Maria Zillges, Winchester 4-H Club

Hello! My name is Maria Zillges and I am interested in running for one of the youth positions on the Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association. I am a junior at Winneconne High School. At school, I am involved in Key Club, NHS (National Honor Society), SHS (Spanish Honor Society), FFA, P.R.O. (peers reaching out), Student Council, Photography Club, and Book Club.  Some of the projects that I am involved in include dairy, goats, poultry, youth leadership, vegetables, photography, and house plants. Some 4-H activities that I have been involved in include 4-H ambassadors, serving as my club’s president, being a camp counselor, and even a member of the leaders’ board for last year. Please consider voting for me this year, so I can continue to grow my leadership skills and abilities and continue with all the fun that I had last year.

Josh Stone, Plain V-U 4-H Club

Good Afternoon, my name is Josh Stone and I would like to apply for a youth position on the Winnebago County Leaders board. I am a junior at Winneconne High School, and I have been a member of 4-H for7 years now, and I have loved my time in the program. I am a member of the Plain V-U 4-H club, and although I am not currently an officer, I have held the secretary position in the past, and I am hoping to be elected into another position this fall. As for my projects in 4-H, I am involved in the Dairy project, The woodworking project, the art and photography projects and the foods, natural sciences and shooting sports projects. If pressed, I would have to say that my favorite project is the Dairy project, not only because I enjoy training dairy cattle, but because I have met some of my best friends in that project. Throughout 4-H, I have met some amazing people, and that is why I would like to continue my 4-H journey on the Leaders board. 4-H has given me so much, and I would like to give back and become even more involved; additionally, being on the leaders board would give me leadership experience that could be very valuable in my entire life. I thank you for the chance to apply, and I hope to join the board soon.

Eden Chapin, Newcomers 4-H Club

My name is Eden Chapin, I am 18 years old and a senior at Omro High School. I have been in 4-H for 12 years and have held all but two officer positions in my club. As one of the two oldest members in my club I really enjoy interacting and working with the younger youth and watching them grow. This past year I was the club president and it has taught me a lot about leadership and how to run a meeting. I was also given the opportunity to be a part of the Youth Advisory Committee and I really enjoyed it. This year would have been my third time being a resource counselor at 4-H camp. I would really like to be a part of the Leader’s Board as a youth member because it would give me more opportunities to gain more experience as a leader and at being more involved with the decision making process.



All-County Meeting Information

Next All County Leaders’ Meeting:
Tuesday, August 25, 2020 @ 7:00pm

Agenda August 25
Final FYTD 2019-20 Budget vs. Actual
2020 06(JUN) Balance Sheet

(After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting)
are encouraged to attend!
This meeting is mandatory for at least one leader from each club to attend.

APRIL 2020 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda April 28

We will be voting on the following:

Proposed 2020-21 Budget

Financial Policy Revisions

2020 Association Charter

JANUARY 2020 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda January 28

Minutes August 27

AUGUST 2019 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda August 27

Minutes April 23

April 2019 All-County Leaders’ Meeting
Agenda April 23
Vote: 2019-2020 Proposed Budget

January 2019 All-County Meeting
Cancelled due to Weather

January All County Leaders Information Emailed 2/6/2019

Minutes August 28

August 2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda August 28

Minutes April 24

April 2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda April 24

Minutes January 23

January  2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda January 23

Minutes August 22

August 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda August 22

Minutes April 25

April 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda April 25

Minutes January 31

January 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda January 31

Minutes August 23

Board Meeting Information

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 15 

September 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda September 15

Minutes August 18

August 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda August 18

Minutes July 21

July 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda July 21

Minutes June 16

June 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda June 16

Minutes May 19

May 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda May 19

Minutes April 21

April 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda April 21

Minutes March 17

March 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda March 17

Minutes February 18

February 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda February 18

Minutes January 21

January 2020 Board Meeting

Agenda January 21

Minutes November 19

December 2019 NO MEETING

November 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda November 19

Minutes October 15

October 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda October 15

Minutes September 17

September 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda September 17

Minutes August 20

August 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda August 20

Minutes July 16

July 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda July 16

Minutes June 18

June 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda June 18

Minutes May 21

May 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda May 21

Minutes April 16

April 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda April 16

March 19 Minutes UPDATED

March 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda March 19

Minutes February 19

February 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda February 18

Minutes January 15

January 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda January 15

Minutes November 27


Election Information & Absentee Ballots 2019-2020

The Leaders’ Association is holding it’s annual elections for the Board of Directors.
Vote for who you would like to represent you!

Elections will be held at the 4-H Family Banquet on Saturday, October 26.
(Cost is $8/person attending the meal, FREE if only attending the Awards Ceremony/Elections starting at 6:30pm)

Nominations will be accepted up until the time of the election at the banquet.
(In order to be printed on the ballot, nominations must be received at the Extension Office by Oct. 22).

Absentee Ballot: 2019-2020 4-H Leaders’ BOD Ballot

  • Return to the Extension Office in a SEALED envelope by Friday, October 25.
  • One ballot per person – no joint ballots
  • Please send NOMINATIONS separately, as ballots will not be opened until vote counting
  • Mail to: 4-H Ballot Clerk, 625 E County Rd Y, Suite 600, Oshkosh, WI 54901

Who Can Vote? Youth and Adults in ANY leadership role who will be enrolled in 4HOnline by Nov 20 of current year:

  • Club or County-wide Volunteers (Club Leaders, Club Enrollment Coordinators, Activity/Event Volunteer, Adult Advisor/Chaperone, Committee Volunteer, Project Leader)
  • Youth enrolled in the Youth Leadership project (Ambassadors, Project Leaders, Club Officers, etc)



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