4-H Leaders’ Association

The Leaders’ Association helps to plan, implement and fundraiser for 4-H programming at the County Level. All 4-H Leaders (youth and adult) who are enrolled in 4HOnline are voting members of the Association – they help to make decisions about 4-H at the county level including programming, policy, and growth of the program. All 4-H members, families and leaders are welcome to attend Association meetings to get information and provide input.

The Leaders’ Association elects a Board that meets monthly, this board reports to the entire Association at meetings held 3 times/year. At these All-County meetings, the Leaders’ Board (along with the Extension office) will update all leaders on the work they’ve been doing on behalf of the Association and provide education, training and resources to support leaders in their efforts. The Association will vote on any major changes to the program, give input on new topics of discussion, and share concerns on behalf of the membership.

Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors oversee the business of the 4-H Leaders’ Association. Directors serve a 3 year term—they can be re-elected for a 2nd term but then must leave the board for at least 1 year. Elections for open Director positions are held annually; all Association members are eligible to vote. Officers of the board are elected annually by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer of the Association is a volunteer who is not elected and not a voting member of the board. The treasurer manages the finances of the Association; the Finance Committee manages the Association’s budget (making recommendations on spending and fundraising to the Association).


All-County Meeting Information

Next All County Leaders’ Meeting
Tuesday, January 22, 2020

are encouraged to attend!

AUGUST 2019 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda August 27

Minutes April 23

April 2019 All-County Leaders’ Meeting
Agenda April 23
Vote: 2019-2020 Proposed Budget

January 2019 All-County Meeting
Cancelled due to Weather

January All County Leaders Information Emailed 2/6/2019

Minutes August 28

August 2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda August 28

Minutes April 24

April 2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda April 24

Minutes January 23

January  2018 All-County Meeting

Agenda January 23

Minutes August 22

August 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda August 22

Minutes April 25

April 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda April 25

Minutes January 31

January 2017 All-County Meeting

Agenda January 31

Minutes August 23

Board Meeting Information

September 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda September 17

Minutes August 20

August 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda August 20

Minutes July 16

July 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda July 16

Minutes June 18

June 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda June 18

Minutes May 21

May 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda May 21

Minutes April 16

April 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda April 16

March 19 Minutes UPDATED

March 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda March 19

Minutes February 19

February 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda February 18

Minutes January 15

January 2019 Board Meeting

Agenda January 15

Minutes November 27

December 2018 NO MEETING

November 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda November 27

Minutes October 16

October 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda October 16

Minutes September 18

September 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda September 18

Minutes August 21

August 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda August 21

Minutes July 17

July 2018 Board Meeting
Agenda July 17

Minutes June 19

June 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda June 19

Minutes May 15

May 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda May 15

Minutes April 17

April 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda April 17

Minutes – March 20

March 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda March 20

Minutes February 20

February 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda February 20

Minutes January 16

January 2018 Board Meeting

Agenda January 16

Minutes November 21

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