4-H Leaders’ Association

Purpose of the Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association:

  • Develop annual youth programming in cooperation with the UW-Madison Division of Extension in Winnebago County office staff
  • Provide opportunities for youth to create activities and event for other 4-H youth
  • Evaluate and adopt policies related to 4-H work on a county level
  • Expand the visibility of 4-H youth activities throughout Winnebago County
  • Provide input to improve regional and state 4-H programs
  • Partner with youth and adults to develop leadership skills

Membership of the Association shall consist of:

  • 4-H adult affiliated organizational, project, or activity leaders
  • County 4-H key leaders
  • 4-H youth leaders in a project or activity
  • Youth enrolled in the Youth Leadership project

Association Documents:

Board of Directors (BOD)

The Leaders’ Association elects a Board that meets monthly, this board reports to the entire Association at meetings held 3 times/year (January, April & August). At these All-County meetings, the Leaders’ Board (along with the Extension office) will update all leaders on the work they’ve been doing on behalf of the Association and provide education, training and resources to support leaders in their efforts. The Association will vote on any major changes to the program, give input on new topics of discussion, and share concerns on behalf of the membership. All 4-H members, families and leaders are welcome to attend Association meetings to get information and provide input.

The Board of Directors oversee the business of the 4-H Leaders’ Association. Adult Directors (min of 10, max of 12) serve a 3 year term—they can be re-elected for a 2nd term but then must leave the board for at least 1 year. Youth Directors (min of 2, max of 4) serve a one year term. Elections for open Director positions are held annually; all Association members are eligible to vote. Officers of the board are elected annually by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer of the Association is a volunteer who is not elected and not a voting member of the board. The treasurer manages the finances of the Association; the Finance Committee manages the Association’s budget (making recommendations on spending and fundraising to the Association).

2020-2021 Board of Directors (Y=Youth, A=Adult)



Maria Zillges (Y), 1 year term
Kay Lettau (A),  2nd term – 2nd yr

Co-Vice President
Amanda Beck (Y), 1 year term
Herb Numrich (A), 2nd term – 3rd yr

Madison Plungy (Y), 1 year term
Brenda Nuite (A), 1st term– 1st yr

Jill Petersen
The Treasurer of the Association is a volunteer who is appointed (not elected/not a voting member of the board).


Jen Crowley (A), 2nd term – 2nd yr
Gerry Marks (A), 2nd term – 3rd yr
Jessie Piper (A), 2nd term – 3rd yr
Steve Thiemke (A), 1st term– 1st y


All-County Leaders’ Meetings

All-County Leaders’ Meetings happen 3 times/year (Jan, April, August) on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00pm

Next All County Leaders’ Meeting: August 19, 2022

All County Meeting
April 26th, 2022
January 25th, 2022
are encouraged to attend!
This meeting is mandatory for at least one leader from each club to attend.

August Handouts:

APRIL 2020 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda April 28

We will be voting on the following:

Proposed 2020-21 Budget

Financial Policy Revisions

2020 Association Charter

JANUARY 2020 All County Leaders’ Meeting

Agenda January 28

Minutes August 27







Board of Directors Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm

Next Board Meeting: August 16, 2022

8-16- 2022 Meeting Agenda

August 2022 Educator Report

July 2022 Board Meeting

7- 17- 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 2022 Board Meeting

6- 21- 2022 Meeting Agenda

5-17 BOD Minutes 

2022 05 Balance Sheet

April 2022 Board Meeting

4_19 BOD Agenda

April 2022 Educator Report

4_19 BOD Agenda

3_15 BoD Minutes

March 2022 Board Meeting

2022-3-15 Minutes

2022-2-15 BoD Minutes

MARCH 2022 Coordinator Report

January 2022 Board Meeting

2022-1-18 Agenda

2021-11-16 Board Minutes

2021- 21 Balance Sheet

FYTD 2021-22 Budget vs. Actual December Update

November 2021 Board Meeting
October 2021 Board Meeting
July 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda, Minutes & Other Materials

Gerry Marks’ Residence:  4789 County Road G, Oshkosh, WI
Bring a lawn chair.

June 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda, Minutes & Other Materials

May 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda, Minutes & Other Materials
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 893 5974 9336
Passcode: 691822
Dial-in by Phone: (312) 626- 6799

Contact Herb C. Numrich, President
Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association

April 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda April 20

Minutes March 16

March 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda March 16

Minutes February 16

February 2021 Board Meeting

Agenda February 16

Minutes January 19














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