Projects and Activities

What are projects?

A 4-H project is an area that you want to learn more about during the 4-H year (similar to a hobby). This is what you sign-up for during enrollment in 4HOnline. There are projects on just about any topic, from art to woodworking, from computers to rabbits, from sewing to small engines. After you sign-up for your project(s), you will explore, study, and learn skills related to your project by using 4-H curriculum, attending project meetings, or participating in project events like 4-H Fun Day. Another tool to help you with your project learning is the 4-H Record Book which helps you reflect on the overall value of your project experience. The Record Book by setting goals, keeping track of your progress, and recording financial information. In August (the end of the 4-H calendar year), you also have the opportunity to take work from your project(s) to the Winnebago County Fair to show off what you have learned throughout the year. What you TAKE to the fair is an “exhibit”. You do not need to exhibit everything you did in your project(s) but are encouraged to pick some of your best accomplishments!

For a complete list of 4-H projects in Winnebago County:
2017-2018 Project Guide.

For information on how 4-H projects align with County Fair Departments:
4-H Project – Fair Alignment Guide


4-H Project Resources

  • To order 4-H Project Curriculum, visit:  Shop 4-H (formerly 4-H Mall). You can either purchase project curriculum from  the Shop 4-H website or the UW-Extension Office also has project curriculum that can be checked out. Please contact the office for more information
  • Visit the Wisconsin 4-H website for project resources:  Wisconsin 4-H Project Resource 
  • UW-Extension Publications are available at: The Learning Store


New in 2019! Project Learning Days

  • NEW! Calling All Photographers!
    Tuesday, June 25 – 6PM – 8PM
    JPCC (James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh)

    All ages are welcome (young ones should bring an adult helper). Join us for a photo scavenger hunt followed by a chance to learn everything you need to know about choosing and readying your photos for fair. Bring your camers (phone, point & shoot, DSLR, anything goes) to take photos and then use those photos to understand how to prep for fair.

Want to Help Plan More Photography Project Events?

Come to a Photography planning Meeting:
Tuesday, July 16th 6-8pm
JPCC (James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh)
Youth & Adult Leaders welcome!

For more information contact Kelsie Smith ( or Kim Hoffman ( )

  • NEW! 4-H Grocery Store Tour
    Saturday, June 22 – 10:00am
    Oshkosh Walmart (meet at Grocery-side main entrance)

    Join our FoodWIse Nutrition Educator Kris Soper and learn how to shop for health at your local grocery store!
    Tour includes info on choosing foods in season, the trick to item-pricing, and where to find the healthiest options in the store!

  • Rock Some Mocs!
    Sunday, May 19 – 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    James P Coughlin Center, Oshkosh
    Cost: $25 (to make moccasins)

Make your own pair of Native American Leather Moccasins. First 5 people to register will also receive a copy of the book “How To Be An Indian in the 21st Century” by Louis Clark.
Come meet local Author Louis Clark at 3pm and try some Native American Cuisine. (You may register to come at 3pm only – no charge if you are not making moccasins)

  • Let’s Plant!
    Saturday, May 11 – 10:00am to 12:00noon
    James P Coughlin Center, Oshkosh

    Learn how to plot and plan your garden area, decide on seed starting vs transplanting, get tips on transplanting, thinning, watering, weeding & fertilizing and much more!

  • 4-H Open Mic & Art Night
    Friday, April 26 7:00 pm
    James P Coughlin Center, Oshkosh

Come show off your talents! Music, Drama, Comedy, Juggling, Art, Photography, and much more!




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