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Leadership of the county 4-H Youth Development Program is provided by 4-H Youth Development staff. Adult volunteers are authorized by 4-H Youth Development staff to be the administrative leaders for Community Clubs, the Leaders’ Association, and county-wide committees.  These recognized 4-H groups provide 4-H educational opportunities in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This page provides the resources for these groups to conduct their business according to state/federal procedures.

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Risk Management

Leaders’ Association/County-wide Committee Resources

4-H Committees

Moolah Reports

Clubs/groups are responsible for keeping detailed financial records including a system for tracking income, expenses, reimbursements, etc. (all money that goes in and out of a group’s treasury). To assist with this, Winnebago County Leaders’ Association created “Moolah Reports” to manage and track financial requests from their membership.

Leaders’ Association
The Moolah Reports (below) are used to access funds for committees/groups who operate under the Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association Charter. The UW-Extension office assists the Leaders’ Association treasurer as the sole point of collection for Moolah Reports. The treasurer processes these reports on a bi-monthly basis.

EXPENSES-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (word doc) Updated January 2023
EXPENSES-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (pdf) Updated January 2023
– INCOME-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (word) Updated January 2023
INCOME-Leaders’ Association Moolah Report (pdf) Updated January 2023

Horse & Pony Project
The Moolah Report (below) is used solely for Horse & Pony Project funds and are not collected by the UW-Extension office. Please contact the Horse & Pony Project treasurer for additional information.

Horse & Pony Project Moolah Report Updated 2018 (pdf)
– Horse & Pony Project Moolah Report Updated 2018 (word doc)

Food Service Permit

ANY group conducting a food-stand fundraiser (brat fry, food/concessions at a community event, etc) MUST have a food permit from the Winnebago County Health Department and follow all Safe Food Handling guidelines and regulations.

The Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association purchases a Temporary Food Stand permit each year for food-related fundraisers like the Dipper. The permit can be used by any Winnebago County 4-H group who is doing a food-stand fundraiser within the Winnebago County Health Department jurisdiction. The permit is good from July 1 through June 30 annually. Winnebago County 4-H clubs or groups can request use of this permit by completing & emailing the request form below or by calling the Extension Office (920-232-1974).

  • Requests for the use of the food permit must be made at least one week in advance, and will be granted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Please include a copy of your menu/price list with your request
  • Requestors must read and follow the “REGULATIONS FOR TEMPORARY FOOD STANDS” issued by the Winnebago County Health Department

Regulations includes but are not limited to:

    • No home prepared foods except limited bake sale items are allowed.
    • No home butchered meats or home canned/home processed foods are allowed.
    • All foods must come from a commercial approved source or a licensed facility.
    • No food stands may be located within 100 feet of a barn or enclosure housing animals or other sources of odor or flies.
    • Follow appropriate hand washing guidelines: Hand sanitizer/hand wipes are not allowed unless hands are washed with soap and water first.
  • Food Permit Request (PDF)
  • Food Permit Request (Word)
  • Temporary Food Service Guidelines

Raffle Fundraisers

Conducting a raffle in Wisconsin without a license is ILLEGAL. Wisconsin law provides that only charitable organizations can obtain a raffle license in Wisconsin. Individuals and businesses do not qualify for a raffle license and are unable to legally conduct raffles to benefit an individual or other organization. In these instances, we suggest conducting a silent auction or utilizing a game of skill. Any game of chance is illegal in Wisconsin except for licensed bingos, licensed raffles and tribal gaming and only charitable organizations are eligible to receive a raffle license. Unlicensed raffles constitute illegal gambling, and can subject the participants to criminal penalties.

The 4-H Leaders’ Association has both a Class A and Class B Raffle Licenses that are available to all 4-H groups throughout the year.

State of Wisconsin Raffle Regulations:

Using the Leaders’ Association Raffle License:

  • Request the License at least 1 week in advance to make sure it is available to use ( or 920-232-1974). As an organization we are not allowed to conduct more than one raffle in each class category per day.
  • Report expenses and income to the Extension Office within 1 week of the completion of your Raffle. We are required to include a financial report with our raffle license RENEWAL annually.
  • Winners of the raffle must be reported to the Extension Office to be kept on file with a record of raffle usage.

Fundraising Equipment for Checkout

Club Resources

4HOnline Resources

4HOnline ( ) is the online enrollment and registration system for Wisconsin 4-H.  This is where members/leaders enter family and individual information that is used by the county and the state 4-H offices to manage and record participation in the 4-H Youth Development program.

  • Enrolling in 4-H Online 2.0 – Everybody is a new family or member at the beginning. This help sheet walks a new family through the process of how to enroll in 4-H Online for the first time. If you are adding a new member to an existing family, you can skip right to the bottom of page 2.
  • Families can request a password reset in 4-H Online.  Staff can also reset the password for families.  In both cases, the family will choose a new password and then login using that new password.
  • Guide for club leaders to access club information and rosters in 4-H Online 2.0.
  • For more information, visit the Wisconsin 4-H – 4HOnline website.

4-H Club Officer & Youth Leader Resources

  • Winnebago County 4-H Club Officer Handbook (created in 2019, PDF)
  • Wisconsin 4-H Youth Leader Resources (Wisconsin 4-H website)
  • National 4-H Officer’s Handbook (order from “Shop 4-H”)
  • 2020 Officer Training ESCAPE ROOM NEW! We’ve created a virtual Officer Training tool for 2021. Club Officers can complete this training individually – or Club Leaders can lead a group of Officers/Youth Leaders through the training. Set up “Escape Room Style,” participants will enter 4 different rooms where they will click on objects to get links to clues and resources that will help them learn about 4-H and running 4-H Club Meetings. Each room contains a Challenge Quiz that must be completed to get a Key to open the door and ESCAPE each room.


Ice-breakers, Activities & Songs


Demonstrations & Speeches

President/Vice President

Coloring Pages & Activities to Help Focus “Fidgets”

Resources for Supporting Club Officers

Club & Group Charter Information

A 4-H Charter indicates the 4-H Club or Group is organized in accordance with the objectives of the 4-H program. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension grants 4-H Charters which formally authorizes the 4-H Club or Group to use the 4-H Name and Emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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