Awards & Scholarships


4-H Key Award 

4-H Key Award is the highest 4-H recognition you can receive. 4-H Key Award applicants must have consistent 4-H growth, be a 4-H youth in 9th grade or older, must have completed at least 3 years of 4-H and 1 year of youth leadership and contributed to service to their club, community, and county. The Key Award and Academic Scholarships (for post-high school education) are a combined application. Youth can apply for just one or both, depending on their eligibility.

4-H Youth Awards Ceremony  •  Sunday, August 7, 2022

The 4-H Awards Ceremony primarily recognizes youth leaders and their accomplishments throughout the past 4-H Year. Graduates from the program are also recognized.

4-H Family Banquet & Leader Recognition

Awards Banquet
October 21, 2023. Location TBD

Award Nomination Form

The Fall Family Banquet provides an opportunity for 4-H families to celebrate the accomplishments of the last year and re-connect with friends across the county. The Leader Recognition & Awards program recognizes primarily Adult Volunteers and their contribution to the 4-H Program. Annual Elections for the Leaders’ Association Board take place.


Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association Scholarship

The Winnebago County 4-H Leaders’ Association awards up to five $500 scholarships to current 4-H members who are high school seniors. This includes one scholarship from the Judith Gruszynske Memorial (Oshkosh Area Community Foundation), one scholarship from the Stevenson Memorial, one scholarship from the Simpson Memorial and two from the Winnebago County 4-H Board of Directors.

Scholarships are available to 4-H members who meet the following requirements: must have been a 4-H member for at least 5 years, must have exhibited at the fair, must have displayed an active leadership role, must graduate from high school, must attend college, technical college, university or a special education program either full-time or part-time, tuition costs must be at least $500, and student must achieve a 2.0 or higher GPA after their first semester.

The Academic Scholarships (for post-high school education) and Key Award are a combined application. Youth can apply for just one or both, depending on their eligibility.


Over $15,000 will be awarded to support higher learning for accomplished 4-H youth.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation will award more than $15,000 in scholarships to outstanding Wisconsin students pursuing higher education in 2022-2023.  To be considered for financial support, applications must be received by the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation via email by Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 5:00 pm.

Wisconsin 4-H Foundation scholarships are awarded to students based on demonstrated personal growth through 4-H, development and leadership in 4-H, academic performance and future educational goals. To be eligible for Wisconsin 4-H Foundation scholarships students must have been a Wisconsin 4-H member for at least three years; have a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, and be enrolled or planning to enroll at a university, college or technical school during the 2022-2023 academic school year.  Scholarship winners from previous years are not eligible to receive a second 4-H Foundation scholarship.

Winnebago County Board of Supervisors’ Scholarship

The Winnebago County Board Scholarship Program is offered to all high school seniors who reside in Winnebago County and plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution. The Scholarship Program was developed “To promote good citizenship and an awareness and understanding of county government”. Up to nine $1,000 scholarships will be awarded in 2021.

Scholarship applicants must complete and submit an application form and write a 500-800 word essay addressing the question: “If I were to run for any Winnebago County office, which position would I run for and why?”

Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

For more information and applications:

2022 4‑H Youth in Action Awards/Scholarship

The 4‑H Youth in Action Program recognizes four confident young leaders with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives in our core pillar areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM.

Each year, Pillar Winners will experience an exciting year of telling their 4‑H story and celebrating their leadership. Winners receive:

  • $5,000 higher education scholarship
  • Promotional video showcasing their 4‑H impact story
  • All-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. for National 4‑H Council’s Legacy Awards
  • Networking opportunities with 4‑H celebrities and other prominent alumni
  • Recognition as the official 4‑H youth spokesperson for their pillar

Submission Deadline: March 27, 2023. For more information and application:

Winnebago County 4-H Horse & Pony Project Scholarship for Secondary Education

The Winnebago County 4-H Horse & Pony Project awards a minimum of two $500 scholarships to current project members.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Student must be enrolled in the Horse or Horseless Horse Project as of January 31 of the scholarship award year.
  • Student must graduate from high school as of the scholarship award year.
  • Student must attend College, Technical College, University, or a special education post- secondary program either full time or part time in the scholarship award year.
  • Tuition costs must be at least the amount of the scholarship to receive the entire scholarship.

Horse Project Scholarship Application – Class of 2020
Deadline: Must be postmarked on or before June, 1 2020