PEAQ & Winter Cereal Forages Monitor

Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) Stick/Alfalfa Scissors Clip

Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) Stick/Alfalfa Scissors Clip will be conducted by the Outagamie Forage Council again this year, the same way it always has, with the cooperation and support of many individuals.

Samples will be collected on Monday and Thursday, when the crop reaches a height and stage of maturity when it is reasonable to begin sampling with results posted on Tuesday and Friday at or available through voicemail at (920) 832-4769.

DateFarmHeight/Maturity StagePEAQ (RFV)Lab Results (RFQ)
5/13/24SUGAR CREEK FARMS – ALF22″/Vegetative200234.52
5/13/24BIRLINGS BOVINE – ALF22″/Vegetative200272.03
5/13/24NEIGHBORHOOD DAIRY – ALF21″/Vegetative206276.86
5/13/24LARRAND DAIRY – ALF21″/Vegetative206292.16
5/13/24KNIGGE FARMS – ALF (Winne)23.5″/Bud183250.13
5/13/24REMER FARMS – ALF (Winne)20″/Bud202288.86
5/13/24BIRLINGS BOVINE – RYE38″/Flag LeafN/A187.38
5/9/24SUGAR CREEK FARMS – ALF17″/Vegetative231263.96
5/9/24BIRLINGS BOVINE – ALF19″/Vegetative218318.93
5/9/24NEIGHBORHOOD DAIRY – ALF17″/Vegetative231277.9
5/9/24LARRAND DAIRY – ALF17″/Vegetative231263.38
5/9/24KNIGGE FARMS – ALF (Winne)20″/Vegetative211303.63
5/9/24REMER FARMS – ALF (Winne)18″/Vegetative224330.04
5/9/24BIRLINGS BOVINE – RYE34″/VegetativeN/A192.88

Thank you to the following farms and collectors:

Sugar Creek Farm (New London) collected by Much Crop Consulting
Neighborhood Dairy (Kaukauna area) collected by Kevin Naze Dairyland Seed Company
Birlings Bovines (Black Creek/Seymour area) collected by Tilth Agronomy
Larrand Dairy (Freedom area) collected by Tilth Agronomy
Birlings Bovines (Black Creek/Seymour area) – Cereal Rye collected by Tilth Agronomy
Knigge Farms (Omro area)- collected by Tilth Agronomy
Remer Farms (Omro area) – collected by Tilth Agronomy