5-28-24 PEAQ & Scissors Clip Results for Outagamie and Winnebago Counties

Hi All,

First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to our Outagamie Forage Council volunteers who have helped collect samples the past several weeks… it is a team effort to get this done each year.

Kevin Naze, Dairyland Seed Company 

Kyle Much, Much Crop Consulting

Tilth Agronomy – Jodie Weyland, Todd Schaumberg, Bill Schaumberg

This group will confer ahead of Thursday and determine if any future samples will be collected.

Attached above are the PEAQ Stick & Alfalfa Scissors Clip Results for Tuesday, May 28th for Outagamie and Winnebago Counties.

Today’s results have been posted to the Extension Outagamie website https://outagamie.extension.wisc.edu/agriculture/crops-soils/peaq-winter-cereal-forages-monitor/ . Please note that there was an error in the posted results last Thursday, but they have since been corrected.

Today’s results will be posted to the Scissors Clip Hotline at (920)-832-4769 tomorrow morning.

I will be posting results shortly to the UW-Madison Division of Extension Forage Quality Changes During Spring Growth website at https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/scissorsclip/.

If the weather forecasters are right (as of this moment), there are only single digit chances for rain over the next 3 days, so let’s hope our meteorological friends can help deliver some dry weather the rest of the week. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the drier weather we really need is arriving over the next few days.

Thanks, Kevin