Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Save: A newsletter for those who preserve food at home (March/April 2023)

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Use the Right Canner for the Job!

Whether you are a new or life-long home food preserver; you may have noticed that there are a variety of canners available. It is important recognize the pH of the food being processed will indicate what type of canner can be used. For high-acid foods (low pH), a boiling water bath canner or steam canner can be used. For low-acid (high pH) a pressure canner MUST be used.

Fruit Roll-Ups!

Image of homemade fruit roll-ups

In many parts of the country, fresh locally-grown fruit is not readily available yet, but that does not mean you can’t make tasty dried fruit treats. This recipe for delicious fruit roll-ups or fruit leather can easily be adapted to use frozen or canned fruit. 

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Originally published by University of Missouri Extension

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