Induction-Ready Pressure Canners: Are They Safe to Use?

Several manufacturers are now selling pressure canners and other appliances that are compatible with induction heating elements.  Are these style of canners safe to use for home canning?  Yes!  Induction compatible canners function the same way as regular pressure canners in preserving food.  An induction-ready canner is different because of the type of material that the canner is made of.

What is induction heating?  Induction heating uses magnetic energy to quickly heat certain types of pots and pans.  Induction heating requires special stove-tops or burners that generate magnetic energy and special pots that can capture the magnetic energy for heating.  Most pots and pans that you can use on an induction burner or stove-top have an iron, or ferrous, core.  You can use an induction-compatible canner on a regular gas or electric stove-top, but you can’t necessarily use a standard pan or canner on an induction burner.

pressure canner is required for safely canning low-acid foods like vegetables and meats.  See the Extension bulletin Care and Use of a Pressure Canner  for information on properly operating a pressure canner.  Safe recipes for pressure canning are available at:

Safe preserving!

Authored by: Barb Ingham